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Washington University in St. Louis Chemistry Department - McMillen Office Renovation

Washington University in St. Louis Department of Chemistry- McMillen Office Renovation

This project involved the renovation of the Chemistry Department's administration offices and break room. We redesigned the space to allow a more efficient flow of employees through the space. A second entrance was installed in an existing corridor wall to allow staff to enter the break room without disturbing the office area as before. New finishes were selected including carpet, paint, VCT, sheet vinyl, and wood paneling. A section of the existing wall was removed for the installation of new borrow lites and entry. A curved feature wall was designed for the corridor near the entry of the space to create a sense of unity with the rest of the corridor and to provide a means of way finding. We processed all of the shop drawings and attended weekly construction meetings while walking the site with the contractor.

Square Feet: 2,500
Services: Full A / E Services